Alaska Ferry Resources: Chapter 4

On the Alaska Ferry
"On the Vancouver Island side of the Johnstone Strait, lush mountain peaks rose up like backdrop scenery for The Sound of Music" (photo)
"We passed several other passengers all with the same exercise objective in mind" (photo)
"Seasick-prone passengers had been warned that the Queen Charlotte Sound might be a rough ride" (photo)
"Gregory had somehow managed to light his cigar in the wind" (photo to come)
"Traveling the Fitzhugh Sound feels like a journey along a wide prehistoric river" (photo)
"You know, doctor, I believe we are the first men of the civilized world to lay eyes on this savage land" (photo)
"The three of us gazed wordlessly out on the sound, noting the few salmon fishing boats" (photo)
"In the distance, snow-capped mountains rolled along the horizon" (photo)
"A herd of more than fifty Pacific White-sided dolphins surfing in the wake of the boat" (photo)
"The dolphins leaped like Olympians into the air, some somersaulting as they plunged and galloped in the water" (photo)
"Gregory excused himself to go out on the deck off our cabin to smoke his cigar" (photo to come)
"The Finlayson Channel is, in fact, a fjord" (photo)
"Every half mile or so, a waterfall sprang out of the mountainsides, cascading down through the trees (photo to come)
"The islands' unusual proximity to one another crated the illusion of cut-out paper mountains" (photo)
"Even from a distance of thirty yards, I could see how large the bird was" (photo of Bald Eagle)
"I laid out what cocktail provisions we had" (photo to come)
"This time we watched the sunset over the Greenville channel" (photo)

Background Information
Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England (Wikipedia article)
The damage that European colonizers inflicted upon native people of the (now) British Columbian coast is staggering." (Wikipedia article on Canadian First Nations)
Eagle feather law (Wikipedia article)

Inside Monique
"A New Yorker who lives in a twenty-foot wide wide brownstone" (photo to come)
Monique reading on deck (photo to come)

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