Alaska Ferry Resources: Chapter 1

Travel Planning
Alaska Marine Highway System
Alaska Ferry
Alaska Inside Passage (Wikipedia article)
Alaska Inside Passage Google Image Collection

Fairhaven, Washington State
Fairhaven, Washington
Fairhaven Historic District
Alaska Ferry Terminal (Wikipampia)
"As we made our way through the large glass-and-brick terminal to the ticket counter"(photo)
"We came upon a cozy little soup-and-sandwich cafe called the Colophon" 
"Our professional curiosity compelled us to make a visit to Village Books"
"A line of cars, trucks, and RVs were queued along the dock, waiting with engines off for the signal to board" (photo)
The Alaska Ferry terminal waiting room (photo) 

On the Alaska Ferry 
The M/V Matanuska and other ferries of the Alaska Ferry
Deck plan and photos of the interior of the M/V Matanuska 
"So this is an inside 'stateroom' Gregory sighed" (photo)
"We rushed to the Purser's Office" (photo)
"We were gleefully unpacking our bags in our new cabin" (photo)

Background Information
"Who were the Knights of Pythias, do you think?" I asked Gregory.(Wikipedia article)
"Alaska was owned by Russia until 1867" (Brief Wikipedia entry on history of Russian America)

Inside Monique
"I've seen Rear Window a few too many times" (link to Fortunate Traveler Mysteries Store)
Alaska by James Michener (book review)

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