Alaska Ferry Resources: Chapter 3

On the Alaska Ferry
Vancouver Island and the Georgia Strait (Map)
Georgia Strait (photo)
"The whale shot up out of the fractured it stretched skyward in its breach" (photos and information on whale sightings in the Georgia Strait)
"He spit into the tiny sink managing to spray the shelf and half the mirror above it" (photo)
"Our window gave us an unobstructed view of the Johnstone Strait" (photo)

Background Information
"Gregory went to the bar and brought back two draughts of Alaska Amber Ale"
"I knew exactly the word that described what we had experienced---it's what the Romantic poets called the sublime"
"When Yarrow tried to reach her, the branch broke and her mom fell to her death" (photo essay on hiking in the lower Himalayas)
"The Nepalese Crown Prince Dipendra murdered his family and himself" (Wikipedia article)
"Trying to convince a bipolar person who is off his meds that he should get on them is like convincing a hostage-taker that he should give himself up to the authorities" (A blog by a bipolar person off her meds; also a seven year journal by a person diagnosed as bipolar who first goes on and then off meds.)

Travel Information on Other Destinations Mentioned
Vancouver Island

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