CyberMysteries: What Would Agatha Christie Do?

Re-creating the quintessential recreational fiction genre: the murder mystery

More and more people are curling up with a good mystery or reading one on vacation on an e-reader of some sort, one that provides readers access to a whole library of choices from which to borrow, rent, or purchase inexpensively. But, nearly all of these mysteries merely consist of words transferred to the new media from their traditional twentieth-century print-on-paper and audio versions. It seems long overdue for twenty-first century mystery authors and publishers to leverage the new digital formats to provide richer, more compelling mystery experiences for the netizens of the new century.

Below are the first two works from one author who is beginning to test those waters.

Fortunate Traveler Mysteries
By Therese Mageau

The Fortunate Traveler Mystery series provides a new kind of literary escape: the mystery travelogue--- a hybrid genre that combines the intrigue underlying most popular murder mysteries with the rich sense of place contained in the best of non-fiction travel writing. Each short story and novel in the series takes readers to a new destination, where they experience the sights and sounds of the place as they unravel a classically constructed “whodunnit.” And, for today's new readers, these travel mysteries provide links to useful and up-to-date contextual travel tips, photo/video images of the areas visited (the proverbial scenes of the crime), fascinating background information, and even shared travel experiences from others who've traveled these very settings.

Midlands Canal Mystery   
A Fortunate Traveler CyberShortStory in which Monique and Gregory save the day while guiding a rented narrowboat through the Midlands canals.

CyberFiction Features
  • Stunning photos of the Midlands canals and their surroundings
  • Video clips of Midlands canal locks in operation [Some are broken at this time.]
  • Links to Google maps and other resources for traveling the Midlands canals by narrowboat
  • The Fortunate Traveler Mysteries Store containing dozens of useful travel items and books

 Murder on the Alaska Ferry
A full-length Fortunate Traveler mystery novel in which Monique and Gregory ride the Alaska Ferry through the Inside Passage to Juneau, only to encounter murder along the way.

CyberFiction Features
  • Now available in on-screen and print formats
  • Soon to be available as a free downloadable file for most e-readers
  • Links to Google maps and up-to-date information for traveling the Alaska Inside Passage (UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Completed through Chapter 4)
  • Fortunate Traveler Mysteries Store containing related books and useful travel items
  • Content-appropriate Ads from Google (at left)

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