Alaska Ferry Resources: Chapter 5

On the Alaska Ferry
Tongass Narrows (Google Map)
"A gray rain drizzled outside our window" in the Tongass Narrows (photo)
"Docks, lumber mills, houses slowly started to appear as we neared [Ketchikan] the first major Alaskan town on the Inside Passage" (photo)
Petersburg, Alaska (brief description of the town and channel)
"So, the Corps of Engineers installed sixty-five buoys and markers to help boats maneuver the twists, turns, and hidden dangers in the twenty-mile waterway." (photo of the Wrangell Narrows)
"That evening before bed we took a brief walk around the boat deck to watch the sun in its final, glorious-red moments, set over the vast Frederick Sound." (photo)

Ketchikan, Alaska
Ketchikan (photo)
"Gregory darted out ahead of the crowd and comandeered the first taxi van in line" (Taxi Tour information)
"Worked at [the Ketchikan Pulp Co] until ninety-seven when they shut it down" (Wikimapia)
"Much of the waterfront pier was taken up with containers from cargo ships from all over the world"(photo)
"Cargo ships and float planes (photo) are the lifeline for Ketchikan's fifteen thousand inhabitants"
"Bald eagles perched on nearby lampposts" (photo)
"Ketchikan is known as the Salmon Capital of the World" (historical news story)  
"That's our jail" (Ketchikan Correctional Center website with photo)

"Here's one of our elementary schools that we're real proud of" (photo)
"We get a hundred-sixty-two inches of precipitation each year" (Wikipedia article)
"House were built practically on top of each other into the side of the mountain" (photo)
"Wooden staircases connected the higher houses to the street" (photo)
"That there's our tram" (photo)
"The Westmark, a fancy hotel that has a real nice view of the water" (website of the former Westmark, now the Cape Fox Lodge, owned and operated by a native Alaskan corporation)
"This is where all the saloons and brothels were" (photo)
"Yep. Ketchikan is on the world renowned web" (Directory of Internet hotspots in Ketchikan)
Saxman, Tlingit Village (photo)
"Saxman has the distinct honor of owning the largest outdoor collection of totem poles in the world" (Information on Saxman Village tours)
"I'll take you around to a few poles and tell you as good as I can how to read them" (photo of Saxman totem pole area)
"This here's a frog and this is the bear" (photos)
"Some say it's not Lincoln but Seward, the man who bought Alaska from the Russians" (photo)
"Whenever you see a person upside down on a totem pole, that means he owed the tribal chief money"(photo)
"This pole is a memorial to a young man who died"(photo)
More Tlingit totem pole photos

Wrangell, Alaska
History and other information from the Wrangell Chamber of Commerce
Wikipedia article on Wrangell
Jitterbugs Espresso To Go
"As we wended our way back through the rather dreary streets of Wrangell" (photos)

Background Information
Tlingit (Wikipedia article)
Totem Poles (Wikipedia article)

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